Just a brief word

No, I have not tired out from all the heavy blogging here. I’ve only just begun.

That said, a little family tree housekeeping is in order.

The shift to full-time family history research and file updating has led to the need to update not only what I am doing but how I am doing it.

Background: In 2003-2004 I undertook to create a “family history” for my children for Christmas 2004. It was a monster project of both online (as limited as it was) and stubby pencil research but did get done in time — all four three-inches thick three-ring binder folders (A-Z) for families from both sides (mine and my husband’s) of the family for each child. Plus: each had a binder full of stories found here and there and maps both European and U.S. for locations ancestors came from and went to.

This was while still working a full-time job. About two years ago it seemed time to begin updating some of those histories (plural, as each branch had received a researched written family history report). This was still while holding down a full-time job or two.

I did not use or create a family tree program. About a year ago, it seemed time to organize using one. I chose MyHeritage (not a plug), which worked out quite well as it helped to fill in some gaps and put the hundreds of family tree and branches into a semblance of order. (Note: my mistake was being too trusting of other people’s input from the hints. Never again!)

Now: It finally dawned on me that I needed a bit more sophisticated family tree (that is transportable) and now have the time (no longer full-time employed other than for myself) to work on it.

The bad news is that I use an iMac and my chosen family tree program does not run on it (yet). The good news is that I did choose an online program that is similar and seems to be working out quite well and (bonus) is transportable. If (when) my first choice will operate on my iMac, then I will be able to transport my files to it.

MEANWHILE, I am in the process of (1) tidying up all the “paper” family histories; (2) adding more of them (more branches, that is); (3) updating said “paper” family histories with new databases that are coming online and available at a break-neck speed it seems; (4) updating the MyHeritage files and using the names-dates-places info for initial input into my new family tree program (transitional move); and (5) doing it all without time clocks and deadlines other than my own.

Ain’t semi-retirement grand?! You betcha’!

SO … when a good story forces my hand, and there are a lot of them, I shall blog! Otherwise, you know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing.


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