#52Ancestors: Pilgrim Women: Strength and Courage

The tenth of Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks prompts is Strong Woman Women.

It is impossible for me to single out a strong woman in my ancestry. There are far too many of them to count.

1 Amsterdam Harbor

Amsterdam Harbor circa 1599 by Pieter Bast

However, were I pressed to pick one “strong woman”, she would be found among the eight Separatist families — Isaac Allerton, John Allerton, William Bradford, William Brewster, John Carver, Samuel Fuller, Thomas Rogers, and William White — who first fled their enclave in Scrooby, England, to escape religious persecution, to spend a year in Amsterdam around 1608, before moving on to live more than a decade in Leiden, in the Netherlands. She would be found among the Pilgrims who departed in July 1620, cramped with other passengers and necessary provisions aboard the former merchant ship, the Mayflower, and who helped to carve out a new home in the wilderness of the New World. These few strong women left behind family and friends and everything they knew and held dear.

1 Plimouth Harbor Map

Samuel de Champlain’s 1605 Map of Plymouth Harbor

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