Mayflower 2020 Research & Reading Resources

Note: Research and reading materials include primary and secondary sources, as well as popular derivative articles and books. This is a work in progress. Last updated 6/13/18.

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project


• Anderson, Robert Charles, Pilgrim Migration: Pilgrims to Plymouth Colony, 1620-1633 (NEHGS).

• Andrews, Charles McLean, The Founders of New England: A Chronicle of the Puritan Commonwealths (Yale University Press, 1919).

• Arber, Edward, The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers (London, Boston and New York, 1897).


• Baker, Peggy M., The Plymouth Colony Patent (Pilgrim Society & Pilgrim Hall Museum, 2007).

• Banks, Charles Edward, The English ancestry and homes of the Pilgrim fathers (Baltimore, 1962).

• Bangs, Jeremy Dupertius, Pilgrim Life in Leiden: Text and Images from the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum (Leiden, 1997).

• Bangs, Jeremy Dupertius, Strangers and Pilgrims, Travellers and Sojourners: Leiden and the Foundations of Plymouth Plantation (Plymouth, Massachusetts: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2009).

• Bangs, Jeremy Dupertius, The Pilgrims in the Netherlands: Recent Research (Leiden: Leiden Municipal Archives, 1985).

• Bartlett, W.H., The Pilgrim Fathers & Founders (London, 1854).

• Baylies, Francis, An historical memoir of the colony of New Plymouth … with some corrections, additions and a copious index by Samuel G. Drake (Boston, 1866): Vol. I; Vol. II.

• Bradford, William, History of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1646 (1912): Vol. I; Vol. II.

• Bradford, William and Edward Winslow, Mourt’s Relation. A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth [verbatim], with an introduction and notes, ed. by Henry Martyn Dexter (1865).

• Bridgman, Thomas, The Pilgrims of Boston and their descendants (New York, 1856).

• Brigham, Albert Perry, Cape Cod and the Old colony (New York and London, 1920).

• Brown, John Irwin, The English Puritans (Cambridge, England, 1910).

• Brown, John Irwin, The Pilgrim Fathers in Holland (1608-1620) (Leyden, 1920).

• Brown, John Irwin, The Pilgrim fathers of New England and their Puritan successors by John Brown; with an introduction by the Rev. A. E. Dunning; With illustrations from original sketches by Charles Whymper (New York, 1896).

• Bunker, Nick, Making Haste from Babylon. The Mayflower Pilgrims and Their World. A New History (New York, 2011).

• Burgess, Walter H., John Robinson, pastor of the Pilgrim Fathers. A study of his life and times (London and New York, 1920).

• Burrage, Champlin, The early English dissenters in the light of recent research, 1550-1641 (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1912): Vol. I; Vol. II.

• Byington, Ezra Hoyt, The Puritan as a Colonist and Reformer (Boston, 1899).


• Cheever, George Barrell [Mourt’s Relation] The Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth in New England, in 1620: reprinted from the original volume annotated (1848) by George B. Cheever.

Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers with an introduction by John Masefield (Everyman’s Library Book, 1917): “New England’s Memorial” by Thomas Prince, Esq.; “Supplement to New England’s Memorial” (1669) by Another Hand; “Cushman’s Discourse of the State of the Colony, and the Need of Public Spirit by the Colonists” (1621) by Robert Cushman; “New England’s Trials, Declaring the Success of 80 Ships …”, 2nd Ed. (1622) by Captain John Smith; “Winslow’s Relation” and “Winslow’s Brief Narration” [Hypocrisie Unmasked; by a True Relation of the Governor and Company of Massachusetts against Samuel Gorton, a Notorious Disturber of the Peace] (1646) by Edward Winslow.

• Church, Benjamin, The History of King Philip’s War, ed. by Dr. Henry Martin Dexter (Boston, 1865).

• Cockshott, Winnifred, The Pilgrim Fathers. Their Church and Colony (London, 1909).


• Davis, William Thomas, Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth (Boston, 1887): Part 1: Historical sketch and titles of estates; Part 2: Genealogical register of Plymouth families.

• Deverell, William Francis, The Pilgrims and the Anglican Church (London, 1887).

• Dexter, Rev. Henry Martyn, The England and Holland of the Pilgrims (Boston and New York, 1905; London, 1906).


• Firth, C.H., Oliver Cromwell and the rule of the Puritans in England (New York, 1900).

• Fiske, John, The Beginnings of New England, of the Puritan Theocracy in its relation to civil and religious liberty (Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1896).


• Goodwin, John, The Pilgrim Republic: A historical review of the Colony of New Plymouth (Boston and New York, 1899).

• Gragg, Rod, The Pilgrim Chronicles: An Eyewitness History of the Pilgrims and the Founding of Plymouth Colony (New York, 2014).

• Greaves, Richard L., “The Puritan-Nonconformist Tradition in England, 1560–1700: Historiographical Reflections” in Albion, Vol. 17, Issue 4 (Winter 1985): 449-486. (Access to abstract and list of reference sources via free account at Cambridge Core, University of Cambridge (England) Press.)

• Griffis, William Elliot, “What the Pilgrim Fathers accomplished” in North American Review, January 1, 1921.


• Hall, Ezra, The Puritans and Their Principles (New York, 1846).

• Harris, J. Rendel and Stephen K. Jones, The Pilgrim press: a bibliographical & historical memorial of the books printed at Leyden by the Pilgrim fathers (Cambridge, England, 1922).

• Heath, Dwight B., ed., Mourt’s Relation. A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, with an introduction and notes by Dwight B. Heath from original text of 1622 (1986).

• Hinman, Royal Ralph, A catalogue of the names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut; with the time of their arrival in the Country and Colony (Hartford, Connecticut, 1852).

• Hopkins, Samuel, The Puritans: or, the church, court and Parliament of England during the reigns of Edward VI. and Queen Elizabeth (Boston, 1861): Vol. I; Vol. II; Vol. III.

• Hunter, Rev. Joseph, Collections concerning the early history of the founders of New Plymouth: the first colonists of New England (London, 1849).


• Langdon, George D., Pilgrim Colony: a History of New Plymouth, 1620-1691 (1966). (Available to borrow at

• Leynse, James P., Preceding the Mayflower: The Pilgrims in England and the Netherlands, with introduction by Frances Diane Robotti (New York, 1972).


• Marshall, George N., ed., The Church of the Pilgrim Fathers [The Old First Church of Scrooby, Holland, the Mayflower and Plymouth; nine historical interpretations] (1950).

• Masefield, John, intro by, Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers (London and New York, 1910).

• Matthews, Albert, The term Pilgrim Fathers (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1915).

• Morgan, Edmund S., Visible Saints: the History of a Puritan Idea (New York, 1966). (Wait list at

• Morse, Rev. Abner, The Genealogy of the Descendants of Several Ancient Puritans (1857): Vol. I; Vol. II; Vol. III; Vol. IV.

• Morton, Nathaniel, New England’s Memorial …Governor Bradford’s History of Plymouth Colony; Portions of [Thomas] Prince’s Chronology; Governor Bradford’s Dialogue; Gov. Winslow’s Visits to Massasoit; and Numerous Marginal Notes [and more] (1669)(6th edition, Boston, 1855).


• Nash, Elizabeth Todd, Fifty Puritan ancestors, 1628-1660 (New Haven, Connecticut, 1902).

• Noyes, Ethel J.R.C., The women of the Mayflower and Women of Plymouth Colony (Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1921).


• Philbrick, Nathaniel, Mayflower (2007).

• Plooji, Daniel, The Pilgrim Fathers from a Dutch Point of View (New York, 1932).

• Prince, Rev. Thomas, A chronological history of New-England : in the form of annals, being a summary and exact account of the most material transactions and occurrences relating to this country, in the order of time wherein they happened, from the discovery of Capt. Gosnold, in 1602, to the arrival of Governor Belcher, in 1730 : with an introduction containing a brief epitome of the most considerable transactions and events abroad, from the creation … (Boston, 1736; reprint 1826).

• Pulsifer, David, ed., Records of the colony of New Plymouth in New England: Laws 1623-1682 (Boston, 1861).


• Randall, Daniel R., A Puritan colony in Maryland (Baltimore, 1886).

• Robinson, John, The works of John Robinson, pastor of the Pilgrim Fathers (1851) with a memoir and annotations by Robert Ashton (1851): Vol. I; Vol. II; Vol. III.

• Russell, William S., Pilgrim Memorials and Guide to Plymouth, with a lithographic map (Boston, 1860).


• Skelton, Edward Oliver, The Story of New England Illustrated: Pilgrims in 1620 and the Puritans in 1624 (Boston, 1910).

• Stowell, William Hendry, History of the Puritans in England: and the Pilgrim Fathers (London, 1849).

• Sumner, George, Memoirs of the Pilgrims at Leyden (Cambridge, England, 1845) [35 pages] (See Hathitrust Digital Library; link cannot be copied).


• Tammel, Johanna W., comp., The Pilgrims and other People from the British Isles in Leiden, 1576-1640, with contributions by Jeremy Depurtius Bangs (Isle of Man, 1989). (An alphabetical guide to persons, with references.)


• Vaughan, Alden T., The Puritan Tradition in America, 1620-1730 (Hanover, New Hampshire, and London, 1997). (Click link to join wait list at

• Van Dusen, Albert E., Puritans against the wilderness: Connecticut history to 1763 (Connecticut, 1975).


• Waddington, John, The Life and Times of John Perry, the Pilgrim Martyr, 1559-1593 (London, Dublin, and Edinburgh, 1854). (See Google eBooks for the only online copy.)

• Winslow, William Copley, The Pilgrim fathers in Holland; their condition, and their relation to and treatment by the authorities and the people, with special reference to the proposed monument at Delfshaven; a paper read before the New England Historic Genealogical Society, on March 4, 1891 (Boston and Chicago, 1891).


• Young, Alexander, Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth, from 1602 to 1625, now first collected from original records and contemporaneous printed documents, and illustrated with notes (Boston, 1841).

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