Mayflower 2020 Research & Reading Resources


• Cambridge Public Library, List of Books in the Cambridge Public Library relating to the Pilgrim Fathers and the settlement of Plymouth, Mass. in 1629, compiled and issued on the occasion of the Pilgrim Tercentenary Celebration by The Cambridge Public Library (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1920).

• Cheever, George Barrell [Mourt’s Relation] The Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth in New England, in 1620: reprinted from the original volume annotated (1848) by George B. Cheever.

Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers with an introduction by John Masefield (Everyman’s Library Book, 1917): “New England’s Memorial” by Thomas Prince, Esq.; “Supplement to New England’s Memorial” (1669) by Another Hand; “Cushman’s Discourse of the State of the Colony, and the Need of Public Spirit by the Colonists” (1621) by Robert Cushman; “New England’s Trials, Declaring the Success of 80 Ships …”, 2nd Ed. (1622) by Captain John Smith; “Winslow’s Relation” and “Winslow’s Brief Narration” [Hypocrisie Unmasked; by a True Relation of the Governor and Company of Massachusetts against Samuel Gorton, a Notorious Disturber of the Peace] (1646) by Edward Winslow.

• Church, Benjamin, The History of King Philip’s War, ed. by Dr. Henry Martin Dexter (Boston, 1865).

• Cockshott, Winnifred, The Pilgrim Fathers. Their Church and Colony (London, 1909).


• Davis, William Thomas, Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth (Boston, 1887): Part 1: Historical sketch and titles of estates; Part 2: Genealogical register of Plymouth families.

• Deverell, William Francis, The Pilgrims and the Anglican Church (London, 1887).

• Dexter, Rev. Henry Martyn, The England and Holland of the Pilgrims (Boston and New York, 1905; London, 1906).


• Firth, C.H., Oliver Cromwell and the rule of the Puritans in England (New York, 1900).

• Fiske, John, The Beginnings of New England, of the Puritan Theocracy in its relation to civil and religious liberty (Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1896).


• Goodwin, John A., The Pilgrim Republic: A historical review of the Colony of New Plymouth (Boston and New York, 1899).

• Gragg, Rod, The Pilgrim Chronicles: An Eyewitness History of the Pilgrims and the Founding of Plymouth Colony (New York, 2014).

• Greaves, Richard L., “The Puritan-Nonconformist Tradition in England, 1560–1700: Historiographical Reflections” in Albion, Vol. 17, Issue 4 (Winter 1985): 449-486. (Access to abstract and list of reference sources via free account at Cambridge Core, University of Cambridge (England) Press.)

• Griffis, William Elliot, “What the Pilgrim Fathers accomplished” in North American Review, January 1, 1921.

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