Mayflower 2020 Research & Reading Resources


• Hall, Ezra, The Puritans and Their Principles (New York, 1846).

• Harris, J. Rendel and Stephen K. Jones, The Pilgrim press: a bibliographical & historical memorial of the books printed at Leyden by the Pilgrim fathers (Cambridge, England, 1922).

• Heath, Dwight B., ed., Mourt’s Relation. A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, with an introduction and notes by Dwight B. Heath from original text of 1622 (1986).

• Hinman, Royal Ralph, A catalogue of the names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut; with the time of their arrival in the Country and Colony (Hartford, Connecticut, 1852).

• Hopkins, Samuel, The Puritans: or, the church, court and Parliament of England during the reigns of Edward VI. and Queen Elizabeth (Boston, 1861): Vol. I; Vol. II; Vol. III.

• Hunter, Rev. Joseph, Collections concerning the early history of the founders of New Plymouth: the first colonists of New England (London, 1849).


• Langdon, George D., Pilgrim Colony: a History of New Plymouth, 1620-1691 (1966). (Available to borrow at

• Leynse, James P., Preceding the Mayflower: The Pilgrims in England and the Netherlands, with introduction by Frances Diane Robotti (New York, 1972).


• Marshall, George N., ed., The Church of the Pilgrim Fathers [The Old First Church of Scrooby, Holland, the Mayflower and Plymouth; nine historical interpretations] (1950).

• Masefield, John, intro by, Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers (London and New York, 1910).

• Matthews, Albert, The term Pilgrim Fathers (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1915).

• Moore, Nina Tiffany, Pilgrims and Puritans: The Story of the Planting of Plymouth and Boston (Boston, 1898).

• Morgan, Edmund S., Visible Saints: the History of a Puritan Idea (New York, 1966). (Wait list at

• Morse, Rev. Abner, The Genealogy of the Descendants of Several Ancient Puritans (1857): Vol. I; Vol. II; Vol. III; Vol. IV.

• Morton, Nathaniel, New England’s Memorial …Governor Bradford’s History of Plymouth Colony; Portions of [Thomas] Prince’s Chronology; Governor Bradford’s Dialogue; Gov. Winslow’s Visits to Massasoit; and Numerous Marginal Notes [and more] (1669)(6th edition, Boston, 1855).

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