Mayflower 2020 Research & Reading Resources


• Nash, Elizabeth Todd, Fifty Puritan ancestors, 1628-1660 (New Haven, Connecticut, 1902).

• Noyes, Ethel J.R.C., The women of the Mayflower and Women of Plymouth Colony (Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1921).


• Philbrick, Nathaniel, Mayflower (2007).

• Plooji, Daniel, The Pilgrim Fathers from a Dutch Point of View (New York, 1932).

• Pope, Charles Henry, The Plymouth Scrap Book: the Oldest Original Documents Extant in Plymouth Archives, Printed Verbatim, Some Reproduced (Boston, 1918).

• Prince, Rev. Thomas, A chronological history of New-England : in the form of annals, being a summary and exact account of the most material transactions and occurrences relating to this country, in the order of time wherein they happened, from the discovery of Capt. Gosnold, in 1602, to the arrival of Governor Belcher, in 1730 : with an introduction containing a brief epitome of the most considerable transactions and events abroad, from the creation … (Boston, 1736; reprint 1826).

• Pulsifer, David, ed., Records of the colony of New Plymouth in New England: Laws 1623-1682 (Boston, 1861).


• Randall, Daniel R., A Puritan colony in Maryland (Baltimore, 1886).

• Robinson, John, The works of John Robinson, pastor of the Pilgrim Fathers (1851) with a memoir and annotations by Robert Ashton (1851): Vol. I; Vol. II; Vol. III.

• Russell, William S., Pilgrim Memorials and Guide to Plymouth, with a lithographic map (Boston, 1860).


• Skelton, Edward Oliver, The Story of New England Illustrated: Pilgrims in 1620 and the Puritans in 1624 (Boston, 1910).

• Stowell, William Hendry, History of the Puritans in England: and the Pilgrim Fathers (London, 1849).

• Stratton, Eugene Aubrey, Plymouth Colony: Its History & People, 1620-1691.

• Sumner, George, Memoirs of the Pilgrims at Leyden (Cambridge, England, 1845) [35 pages] (See Hathitrust Digital Library; link cannot be copied).


• Tammel, Johanna W., comp., The Pilgrims and other People from the British Isles in Leiden, 1576-1640, with contributions by Jeremy Depurtius Bangs (Isle of Man, 1989). (An alphabetical guide to persons, with references.)


• Usher, Roland G., The Pilgrims and Their History (New York, 1918).


• Vaughan, Alden T., The Puritan Tradition in America, 1620-1730 (Hanover, New Hampshire, and London, 1997). (Click link to join wait list at

• Van Dusen, Albert E., Puritans against the wilderness: Connecticut history to 1763 (Connecticut, 1975).

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