Lost in the Weeds

UPDATED July 10, 2020:

Just to reassure my followers, I am still around. After summer and fall 2018 working on Elliott files the big catastrophe happened: in January 2019 my dependable iMac died. Completely. It died so completely that my computer technician of more than 20 years’ experience had never seen one that was such a deadly disaster. It took several tries at recovery to gather up files from the old hard drive and create new sources.

This happened just before Christmas 2018 and I finally had “Recovered Office Files” and “Reconstructed Files” by late January.

That is some of the good news. The bad news is that every one of these files only had a number for a label and there were multiples of multiples of each of them, one for each time I had saved each of them in the past. This required lengthy sorting and re-labeling, much of which remains unfinished.

The problems continue as many of the files only allow me to rename them and/or look at them. I still do not have the magic formula to access the majority of them.

Some good news as well is that I have an external hard drive that maintains updates daily, so all those files are saved.

I continue to work through the hundreds of old files that have been renamed and updated and am printing them out in batches. This is extremely time consuming as I want to ensure these files are as accurate as I can make them before printing.

I do have all the printed files from my 2004 project but those are sadly outdated although of some comfort to crosscheck new files. Also, between 2014 and 2018 I had added numerous new files and updated the information on a lot of old ones, as well as decided that some of the files were no longer valid for my family trees.

This project is my priority and I still cannot resume postings here until the rescue project concludes.

If anyone tells you not to worry, Apple computers are reliable, take note of my dilemma. Spend the bucks and get yourself a reliable external hard drive for back-up. Clouds are fine but we all know what happens to them. It can be a cloudy day and the sun comes out and the clouds (and the companies that host them) are gone!

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