TUSLE: Update on Edward Spalding’s Wives

At last we have an official update and clarification regarding pioneer ancestor Edward Spalding’s origin and first wife — as well as their parents — in the July 2019 issue of The NEHGR.

Stephen Waasa Spaulding provides proof that Puritan farmer Edward Spalding came to New England from the Waveney Valley along the Norfolk-Suffolk English border. He brought with him his wife, Margaret (Elliott) Spalding, and three children, Grace, John, and Edward.

Records for the Spalding and Elliott families are found in Norfolk: Dickleburgh, where his parents, Edward and Diana, were married; where his father, Edward Sr., is buried; and his children, Grace, John, and Edward, were baptized; and Redenhall, where Edward and Margaret were married in 1623 and Edward’s mother, Diana, is buried.

Edward’s father, Edward Spalding Sr., died in May 1626. His mother, Diana Mowling (also found as Molling and Malden) Spalding, was buried in March 1638/9.

It would seem that soon following his mother’s death, and possible receipt of his share in estate funds, Edward took his family to New England.

Stephen Waasa Spaulding explains the source of other meager funds Edward may have possessed.

Edward had a known sister, Sibyl, and three more unnamed siblings.

Margaret’s parents were John Elliott and his first wife Margaret. She was the granddaughter of John Elliott, the “Elder of Harleston, Norfolk.” Margaret’s grandfather, John Elliott Sr., died prior to the proving of his will in May 1635; her grandmother, Anne, died in June 1637. Both were buried at St. Mary’s, Redenhall.

Margaret (Elliott) Spalding had at least six younger half-siblings: Elizabeth, Grace, John, Constance, Margaret, and Thomas Elliott.

Nothing further is known about Margaret’s parents. It would appear that the passing of her grandparents may have ended her ties to Norfolk.

Stephen Waasa Spaulding also includes information regarding Diana (Mowling) Spalding’s parents. She was the daughter of John and Sibyl (Cullum) (Bootye) Mowling. Sibyl married first Roger Bootye in 1563 in Palgrave, Norfolk. Six months after Roger’s death in 1567, the widow Bootye married John Mowling in Heveningham, Suffolk.

John Mowling was buried September 2, 1615, in Palgrave; Sible Mowling, widow, was buried there January 18, 1619/20.

Diana was the sister to John Malden of Wortwell. A sister, Joane, was christened in 1578 in Scole, Norfolk.

Sadly, we have no new news about Edward Spalding’s second wife, Rachel.

See the NEHGR article for the sources and details.

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