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Challenge: Tozier-Smith

Richard Tozier and Judith Smith are my 10th great-grandparents. Very little has been written about them and there are very few clues to follow. This is a challenge of major proportions–with a most pleasing and informative outcome, I might add. … Continue reading

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Decimated by Plague, Died of Heartache

It goes without saying for most experienced family historians that the search for family connections leads one along strange and unexpected paths. For example, an explanation for how John Tuttle of Ringstead in Northamptonshire made his way to Saint Albans … Continue reading

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TUSLE: Downing

This is the first of what will doubtless be many articles tying up some loose ends, a.k.a. TUSLE. First of all, the Dennis Downing who brought his family to New England in 1650, and settled in that part of Kittery, … Continue reading

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Colonial Shipbuilding and the Coasting Trade

“I suppose you go great voyages,” said the Water Rat with growing interest. “Months and months out of sight of land, and provisions running short, and allowanced as to water, and your mind communing with the mighty ocean, and all … Continue reading

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The Cilley pursuit has been, in a word, silly. It has been filled with twists and knots, rumors of two, three, four or maybe six immigrant brothers, poor spelling, poor logic, horrible penmanship, meanwhile being short on facts and reliable … Continue reading

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Edward Spalding’s Wives

An enduring genealogical source for the Spalding/Spaulding family is the Spalding memorial (1872). It provides numerous verifiable facts while it assumes too many not in evidence. For example, the memorial’s author presumes that Edward Spalding arrived in the Massachusetts Colony … Continue reading

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